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Elsinboro Township Elementary School

is a School Choice District!

Kindergarten through Eighth Grade

    • Highly Qualified Staff
    • Small Class Sizes
    • High Student Academic Achievement
    • Instrumental Programs
    • 1:1 Technology Initiative
    • Diverse Interdisciplinary Curriculum

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Elsinboro Township School

631 Salem-Ft. Elfsborg Road

Salem, NJ 08079

Elsinboro Township School is a community school located in Salem County, New Jersey. According to the Discover Salem County web site, http://www.discoversalemcounty.com/, the school was named for Fort Elfsborg, Sweden. Elsinboro was the site of the First English Settlement in New Jersey-1641. The original site was destroyed by the Dutch. The Swedes built Fort Elfsborg in 1643, it was called Fort Elfsborg in honor of the fortress at Gothenburg, Sweden. The fort had a garrison of 13 soldiers, eight 12 lb guns and one mortar. There is a black stone monument of the fort outside the Elsinboro Township School; the stone block came from the old fortress in Sweden built in the 13th century. Today’s Elsinboro is mainly agricultural and residential.